Sunday, January 4, 2015

Today I was surpised to find out that I had won a contest. I am in a group on Facebook called The Mailbox Muse.  I had posted a project that I done inspired by Mai Larsen. Mai did a show on How to alter a shoe  part 1  part 2 coming soon . Mai is a great teacher.

When I was done with the shoe. I posted in the The Mailbox Muse group on Facebook. I had no idea that they were doing a give away. I just posted my work. The way that I found out that I had won is when I reveived a message from my friend Robin McCusker Horasanian on Facebook with the link to the blog of The Mailbox Muse: When I read the post there I saw my name there and I was so surprise that I had one. I am so honored to won the prize: The Gelatos. 

Here is the show that I altered

 <<<<Before  >>>>after 

I was to give a great HUGE thanks to my three teachers that have inspired me the most. 

Madeline Faiella- she is not only a great friend. Madeline is a great insperation to me. She had helped me through a lot. 

Here are the links to Madeline's Products: 

The link to her paint line

Mai Larsen- Mai is a great teacher. She will go out of her way to help a student when they need her. Mai has a group fan page on Faceboook.
 Here is the link to the Facebook Fan Page for Creating with detail: .
 She also has her own shop.
 Here is the link to the    go and check out all the great products that she has in her shop. 

Terri Sproul: Terri is an awesome Mixed Media artist/teacher. I have learn so many techinics from her. She does live shows every Tuesday night. She also have a Facebook group called All Things Terri Sproul. Here is the It's a great group of artist and people. 

Here's Terri's Links: 

ALL of these ladies are great INSPIRATIONS and INSTRUCTORS. I am honored to have them in my life. They are there when I need help and when I need a friend to talk to. They are all AWESOME designers and artist.