Monday, November 4, 2013

Link sharing

Here is a list of people that inspire me to do what I do.

Edie Cournoyer

Kelly Donovan

Kelly Dalton Dale 

Linda King

Terri Sproul- You can join Terri every Tuesday night for her FREE class on youtube. The link is below.

Tracy Shave
- my blog!

Benita Lynn Richards

Roberta Leake

Judy Griffith

 Kimberly Luke Shealy
Ella Des

Joe Rotella

Patti O'Neil Martin

Review for Beyond Basics Folder Labels

These folder labels are great to have around. I know that a lot of people use Avery. But these labels are the same as the Avery labels. They will stick just as well as the others. They are a bit cheaper than theother. But that is fine. I have many uses for them. They stick very well to the things that I use them for. I use them on cardstock, plastic, etc.