Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun Foam Technique

Hi Everyone, how are y'all doing today. It's Vanessa here I have a craft video for y'all. I got this idea when I saw two of my friends on fb Annie and Kelly D. They have videos on how to make your own stamps. My idea is to take dome clear stamps that come on the frosted envelopes and fun foam and stamp the images on the fun foam. If will make it easier to see the stamps when you put them away.
This technirque and also be used in binders. I used it for the forsted envelopes.

Frosted Envelope

Supplies Needed:
Fun Foam/ cardstock
ink pad (color is up to you)

Step #1: 
Make sure that you have the size of fun foam that your stamp will fit on.

Step #2:
Ink up the stamp.

Step # 3:
Stamp the images onto the fun foam

Final Step:

And here it is in the envelope

 here is the video

If you want to wash the ink off the fun foam and redo the stamps use a babhy wipe and yu and turn it over and use the other side to redo the stamps. Do it right away if takes a few mins to dry. Please let it sit before putting in the package/envelopes. You can do the samething if you have mounted/ unmounted stamps in riplock bags.

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