Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review Terri Sproul

  • She does free art journaling classes every Tuesday night. She is a great teacher. The techniques that she are easy to learn. She will tell you where o get the supplies that she uses or tell you where to get them for cheaper, for those that can't afford what she uses. She has a great group on Facebook. It's called ALL THINGS TREEI SPROUL.
My Experience: I have learned alot from Ms. Terri Sproul and her classes. She has also given me a lot of extra help when I need it. She will do her best to help you when she can. She is a great artist. I really enjoy her classes. I get excited every Tuesday when she posts about the FREE class every week. I have learned a lot from this wonderful lady. I also use the techniques that she teaches on may of things. She also does contest on her group where she gifts out prizes on her show every week.

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