Sunday, January 25, 2015

A few new projects that I have in the works.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are you looking for a great place to bet crafting supplies at a great price.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Morning everyone. Let's show Creating With Details soem love. Here is the link to her store on The Craft

Take a look at all the beautiful trims and embelishments that she has there.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Come and join us tonight for some crafting fun.
Tonight! Crafting Basics Boot Camp with The CraftStar /MacGyver Craftingwith Robbin McCrumb : Change things up with items you already have.

Shabby Chic Altered Coffee Can 
RSVP here :
Join us as we learn how to transform everyday household items into something amazing! 

Supply List: 
Small coffee can
sleeves off of a denim shirt
Glue Gun
Hand crafted flower
Book page/newspaper page

Live: More Views, Subscribers & Money - YouTube Channel Evaluation

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If you are looking for a great place to get all your crafting supplies. You can go to this sites and

She has a lot of great lace and other crafting supplies.

 The owner of Creating With Details is away at this time. However she will  expedite your order(s) as soon as she returns in two weeks.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hey crafty peeps. Please check out Creating Wtih Details. There are great things happening there. Creating With Details is hosting a live show tonight along with The Craft Star. Please check out Creating with details Facebook Fan Page for details.

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Happy Saturday everyone. I hope that you all have a great day. 

God Bless

Please remember that The Owner of Creating with Details will be away for two weeks.

You can also check out these links:


The Craft Star:

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Project Planning & Goal Tracking Process in a Filofax

6 Simple and Fun Fall Crafts

6 Simple and Fun Fall Crafts

Fall is a festive time of year that creates all kinds of crafting possibilities. To make your home full of autumn cheer, try out these six fun and simple crafts.

1. Treasure Acorns 
 Ever wondered what you could do with all of those plastic eggs left over from Easter? Repurpose them into a festive fall craft by gluing twine carefully around one half of the egg, leaving the opening exposed so you can still fill the egg with a treasure. It makes for a great party gift or decoration. Put snacks, candy, or other little treasures inside the egg for a unique fall surprise.

2. Thankful Board 
 Fall is a time to reflect on the good things in life, which means everything that you are thankful for. Some people need a little help remembering the good things in life. Cut a large acorn shape out of corkboard, topping it with cardstock circles to create the cap and stem. Hang it where your family and friends can see it and fill it every day with notes and pictures about the things you are thankful for.

3. Sparkling Candle Holders
 Want to really create that golden fall glow inside your home? Take some clear votive candle holders and mist the inside down with water. While they are still wet, gently spray metallic paint inside the glass on top of the water (gold will give you a better “glow”). Once this dries, spray it again with gold glitter spray for a truly sparkling finish. It also works in other color combinations, so let your imagination run wild.

4. Autumn Garden Bunting 
 Banners and buntings make for perfect decorations in the house on walls, along banisters, or even at the edges of tables. Just go out into your yard and pull items right from nature such as leaves and seed pods. Attach them to wire and drape where you please.

5. Burlap Wreath
 Burlap can be used for all kinds of crafts and creates a nostalgic fall look. Using a foam wreath as your base, wrap some burlap ribbonaround the foam and use straight pins to keep it in place. You can finish it off by hot-gluing burlap flowers or other trinkets on top.

6. Painted Stemware 
 Festive glasses aren’t just for the winter months anymore. Create fall wine glasses by putting paint on the bottom of the base of your stemware. Use a brush or other fine-tipped tool to create designs such as swirls by working out from the center. Let it dry completely before placing the base on a surface. Glitter glass paint is also an option for coating the topside of the base and stem.

Get Creative 
 These fall crafts are sure to give your home a festive glow. Try other combinations to create new decorations for any time of the year

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Today I was surpised to find out that I had won a contest. I am in a group on Facebook called The Mailbox Muse.  I had posted a project that I done inspired by Mai Larsen. Mai did a show on How to alter a shoe  part 1  part 2 coming soon . Mai is a great teacher.

When I was done with the shoe. I posted in the The Mailbox Muse group on Facebook. I had no idea that they were doing a give away. I just posted my work. The way that I found out that I had won is when I reveived a message from my friend Robin McCusker Horasanian on Facebook with the link to the blog of The Mailbox Muse: When I read the post there I saw my name there and I was so surprise that I had one. I am so honored to won the prize: The Gelatos. 

Here is the show that I altered

 <<<<Before  >>>>after 

I was to give a great HUGE thanks to my three teachers that have inspired me the most. 

Madeline Faiella- she is not only a great friend. Madeline is a great insperation to me. She had helped me through a lot. 

Here are the links to Madeline's Products: 

The link to her paint line

Mai Larsen- Mai is a great teacher. She will go out of her way to help a student when they need her. Mai has a group fan page on Faceboook.
 Here is the link to the Facebook Fan Page for Creating with detail: .
 She also has her own shop.
 Here is the link to the    go and check out all the great products that she has in her shop. 

Terri Sproul: Terri is an awesome Mixed Media artist/teacher. I have learn so many techinics from her. She does live shows every Tuesday night. She also have a Facebook group called All Things Terri Sproul. Here is the It's a great group of artist and people. 

Here's Terri's Links: 

ALL of these ladies are great INSPIRATIONS and INSTRUCTORS. I am honored to have them in my life. They are there when I need help and when I need a friend to talk to. They are all AWESOME designers and artist. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Awesome Printable Filofax Inserts for 2015!

SHOUT OUTS to Mai Larsen and Jen Evers

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry, I have been MIA lately. The word that I am using this year is FOCUS.  I am working hard on getting my craft studio/room done. I am also planing a lot of new videos and projects. I will keep you all informed when they come out.

Just want to give a big thanks to a  few ladies that have inspired my with all of their beautiful work.

Jen Evers

You are such a great person. I love your projects. You are a great friend. You are there when I need someone to talk to. Your talents are a great  inspiration for me and many others.
I say this from the bottom of my heart. I know that you have been through a lot. But you are still there with a great inspiration and inspiring others. Your faith and strength have given me a lot of faith and strength.  Jen ha a great group on Face book.

Please check out Jen's YouTube channel : 

Jen's Facebook group: 

I send you a lot of love, strength and well being in the years to come. 

Mai Larsen
Mai Larsen is another great  inspiration  for me. Her talents are amazing. She is a great friend and person. She helps me when  and if she can.  She has a great fan page on Facebook it's called Creating With Details.

She does  FREE classes every Tuesday night. Mai does her videos in English and Spanish.

Please visit Mai's YouTube channel

Mai's Face book fan page: 

These are the two most talented ladies that I know.  They are so talented and kind hearted.