Sunday, November 16, 2014

This is my story.
I want to make this post because I want to set a few things straight. I know that it is going around that some feel or think that I’m unstable and that I’m always asking for stuff. Until you know what I have been through in my life, it is unfair for one to think that. So I will give you a quick rundown of what has made me the person I am today. Since childhood, I have been abused. I have experienced every type that is medically documented. I survived that with scares. I married someone that I loved but felt it necessary to abuse me. The only family and the best things in my life are my children and grandchildren. Without them, I could not tell you where I would be. Like you all, I use crafting as a coping therapeutic release from my past. I use crafting as a way to tell my store, control my pain an try to restore my sanity. On top of what happened to me in my past, I have a huge list of medical and learning problems that were a direct result of my abuse I lived through. I work through my disabilities in trying to seek answers, and ask questions from fellow craters in hopes I can get help that on one or more occasions can’t find. This does not make me a bad or unstable person. Something happened in the past that I would like to have buried. I was at my worst in that time and maybe I should have not asked for help to only now have it thrown back into my face as something will make you not trust me. So until you have walked in my shoes, there is no reason to feel this way about me. I am proud of what I survived. I have amazing children and grand babies that love me!!! I hope to have more friends that would like to get to know me!! It is hard for me to open up to people. But I felt it necessary to do this because I’m stable and I might not catch onto everything, but it is normal human action to ask and seek when one does not know anything. So please, take the time to get to know me. Learn that I’m not this person and you will be surprised that I’m really a great person despite what you all might think. God Bless!!!