Monday, June 2, 2014


Hi everyone,

  I have been off and on my computer the fast few weeks.  I have taken sometime away from my crafts. I have been redecorating and reorganizing my house. I am taking my time to get this project done. I have pre scheduled a few things on my blog. I am so glad that I have taken on this project with my house. Once that is all done I will start with my crafts again. I am trying to get things done before the end of June.

When it is all done. I will be planning out all my projects for my tutorials and my videos.  Please take a look at my youtube channel. Here is the link to my youtube channel:  Please like, share, subscribe, and comment. Once I start everything again I will do a give away once a month. I have to plan everything out first. 

I will also be taking time aways from groups while this process is going on. I will only check in once or twice a day to group.....I will add anyone that joins my groups during the checkin.