Friday, January 17, 2014

homemade planner

In this tutorial I will show you how I made my 2014 planner. I used mostly things that I had around my house.

This year I will make it a creative year. I will try my best to post all the creative things that I make.

Supplies needed to make the Planner:
scrapbook paper (or paper of your choice, notebook, notebook paper)
binder (or binder rings)
washi tape (masking tape, electrical tape, painters tape, double sided tape)
card stock ( notebook, notebook paper)
markers ( color pencils, craoyons)
stickers ( or anything of your choice)
month on two pages (or you  can use the month/week on one page)
two page weekly page spread
calendars (printed or drawn)
You can use whatever you have for this project.

Step 1:  Take the card stock and cut it to the size you want the pages in your planner to be.

Step  2:  Cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the cardstock. Cover the cardstock with scrapbook paper.  After you cover the page you can add the binder rings.

Step 3:  Add in your calendars, tip-ins, and note pages. 

Step 4: At this point you can insert all the binder rings or you can put all the pages in a binder. 

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