Sunday, December 15, 2013


Morning everyone. How is everyone this morning? I have finished my studio. Now I am playing catch up with with all my classes. I have about 4 of my favorite artist to catch up with. This will be a lot of fun.  I have started with Ms. Terri Sproul's classes. I am having fun with her class. I lover all the techniques that she have taught me and the ones that I have yet to learn from her. She is a great artist. She has helped me with a lot of things with my art journal and my blog. I am very thankful to her for all that. As I get to work on the other classes and artist I will let y'all know. I will be posting all my pages inspired by Ms. Terri Sproul as soon as they are done. I will try my best to write out the tutorial also. So please be patient with me.