Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review for Younique Eyeshadows.

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This is a pigment type of make up. The powders comes in over 30 vibrant colors.  You can combine many of the powders. You can use the pigments as eye shadows and if you have the pink/or coral colors you can use them are blush and eye liner. You can also use them the way they are or you can blend them for an evening look or a light day look.  The pigments are sweet-proof and long lasting. They are free of perfumes, preservatives, and parables.

You can apply them dry for a soft look or apply them wet for a more dramatic look.  With the pigments you can get a flawless look. You can create a day look that will work as a night look. You can buy the pigments individually or in sets. Younique makeup is all naturally-based and beautiful cosmetics line. Their products are 100% transparent on the skin.

From my experience. I like the eyeshadow. It's an easy wear. It also comes off with ease. The shimmer on the eyes is great. I used it as am eye liner and it was great. I went from day to evening without a problem. I had to do very little touch up.