Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Address book tutorial

Address book tutorial
How to make dividers 

Supplies Needed:
binder or binder insert
printed labels
tape (scotch or double sided)
 folder tab (clear or color of your choice)
foloder tab insert
folder label sticker

Step #1:
Take the cardstock and binder/binder insert.

 Lay the binder/ binder insert on the card stock and trace around the binder/binder insert.

Step #3:
Cut out rhe divider a bit smaller than the binder or to the same size as the bonder insert.

Step #4:
Then punch the holes in the template. Insert the template in the binder to see how it looks.

Take the printed label and cut it out. Then you tape the label to foloder label insert. And then insert the tab in the the clear tab and attach the clear tab to the divider, using whateer adhesive you have.


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For the label you can either tape it directly to the tabe insert. OR you tape tape it to a folder label sticker and then put the sticker on the tab insert.