Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review about Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

I took my daughter to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA  on Oct. 15, 2013. When we walked into the administrative building the Administrative Assistants Paulette Tatro and Barbara Hassett had great attitudes. They were very helpful.  The two people that did the demonstration did a great job. The advisor and the student were awesome. (I can't remember their names sorry). The slide show they done had a lot of information.  The female speaker talked about her experience in Capetown, South Africa.  There classes are broken into 4 terms that last 7 weeks each.
    WPI have a beautiful campus. They have a coffee station in the lobby of the admission center. The speakers spoke about what type of courses they have and what they require. They don't give the grades like A, A+ and so on. They only give the grades like A, B, C and so on. They is no such thing as failing a class there. You get an pick and choose what classes you want to take and the days that you want to classes to be. The students working in groups and their classes can either be in big classes or small classed. The choice it up to the student.

The students get to do interactive projects where they can travel abroad or in the USA. The school will set up everything for the students including room and board. During each of the 7 weeks the students only take three courses of their choice.  The students do get a break between terms. The students never have to do a project alone. All of the projects are done in groups. They can also do study groups.

We went on a tour of the school. We saw most of the school in the touch. Our tour guide Lizzy was very informational. But, to me it seemed like she was only talking to the mother of the young lady that is still in high school and asked only them if they had any questions.  The hour was an hour long  myself and my daughter learned about about the school.  The school had their own police department in campus.  There are blue lights all of the campus for the kids to call the campus police. The campus police are trained and certified by the state and local police departments. 

 If you would like more information on the school here is the link: http://www.wpi.edu/