Sunday, October 6, 2013

AT&T review

So, I called AT&T on Oct. 5, 2013. I called AT&T about adding a temporary to my family plan. I told them that I have an IPhone on order, but I wanted to use a phone that I can use for the second line until the iPhone comes in. On the phone they told me that I can use the spare phone that I have, But I would have to go into the store to have it added. But, when I get to the store they told me a different story. They told me that if I added the phone for the second line it would mess up the shipping for the Iphone.

When I called into customer service and they told me that it could be done at the store. But, when I got to the store. They said something different. They don't have very good attitudes with the customers. They don't have enough people to help the customers and some of the employees have an attitude with customers. They don't answer the questions the right way and they don't know how to treat the customers.