Saturday, June 15, 2013

Take a Change Be Brave

This is another page that was inspired by Ms. Terri Sproul. It was made with iron ons, paper towels, acrylic paint, words that I printed on my computer, and Gesso...... 

Here is the link to her Video the Journal Page Spread

Links to purchase supplies: 

How to make Gesso:
Homemade Gesso Recipe:
Clean Glass Jar w/ Lid
1Tbsp.Baby Powder
1 tsp. Elmer's Glue
AllSmall amount of paint (white or any color wanted)Mix all ingredients together wellAdd more paint if the baby powder isn't absorbed

Gesso Recipe  (this is the one that I use).

1/2 c. of hot water, 1/2 c. baby powder (or whatever you want to use), 1/2 c. white glue and 1 1/2 of paint (whatever you want to use for paint.

You need a binder, a pigment and a tooth to make gesso.  Here are some ideas on where you can get these ingredients
Binder – PVA Glue or just cheap white glue.
Pigment – I get mine from left over latex paint, craft paint or titanium white tube acrylics
Tooth – Drywall powder, plaster, talcum powder or baby powder
Tee’s Gesso Recipe – scalable to whatever measure you need
Binder – 2 Parts
Water – 1 to 2 Parts (more or less as needed for consistency)
Tooth – 2 Parts
Pigment – 1 to 2 Parts
So for example, I put in a cup of glue, a cup or a little more of water, a cup of baby powder and a cup or so of left over paint.  Think pancake batter or syrup for consistency.  Mix well and test for coverage.
Most of the time I make it up with equal amounts of everything and it’s just fine.  I like to see through mine, if you want yours to give better coverage, use more pigment.